Client: Päiperléck S.à r.l.

Project: Website redesign

Medium: Web

Year: 2022

Päiperléck S.à r.l. entrusted us with the redesign of its website, which was created in 2018.

The goal of Päiperléck S.à r.l. :
  • Improvements regarding aesthetics, ergonomics and also technology, while still respecting the client’s graphic charter.
  • Use of a multilingual content management system, which should be both modern and easy to use.
  • The page layout has to adapt itself to every device used by internauts visiting our site (tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, internet kiosk).
  • Quantify and evaluate the visits and behaviour of the website’s internauts.
  • Highlight the nature of services and care homes.
  • Improve attracting internauts by using “call-to-action” buttons.
  • Adapt and restructure texts so they fit the internet target group, and find the right balance between the number of texts and images.
  • Include a space for publishing news and press releases.
Our solution:
  • A complete overhaul of the site with a custom-made layout in correlation with Päiperleck’s graphic charter and style of communication.
  • Use of WordPress’ content management system and the multilingual module WPML, as well as Elementor, which allows an easy, fast and coherent adaptation of the layout of the various sections.
  • Creation of taylor-made modules to manage the list of structures (residences, day centers) and job offers.
  • In order to measure visits and the internauts’ behaviour on the website, we use Matomo Analytics, a system similar to Google Analytics but more in alignment with the EU level of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
  • With the CMS, Päiperléck will be able to manage the content management autonomously. Nevertheless, our IPPRODUCTIONS and IPDIGITAL after-sales service remain available for more complex updates, and we offer helpdesk support via e-mail and telephone.
  • The internet site is hosted on one of our 4 dedicated servers at Hetzner GmbH. In order to protect the WordPress platform against cyber attacks, all data traffic first passes through a Sucuri fire wall in the cloud and filters out malevolent requests.